Roustabout, Midland TX

EV Roustabout, the hardest working guys in the field! From well heads, to oil tanks, to pipeline maintenance; EV roustabouts maintain all things Oilfield & Gas related. We consider our Roustabouts the best in the business. They are the backbone of the Oil and Gas Industry.

EV Roustabout Services are well trained safety obsessed individuals waiting for the call. They are ready for your next Oil & Gas Well project. Let EV demonstrate how Roustabout is done.

Here are just some of our Roustabout Services:

    • Hot Water Pressure Washing
    • Mowing
    • Painting – New and Existing
    • Snow Removal
    • Tank Battery Teardown and Replacement
    • Containment
      • Tank and Separator Containment
      • Temporary Containment
    • Storm Water Control
      • Ditch Construction
      • Straw Erosion Blankets
      • Seeding and Soil Stabilization
      • Culvert Pipe
        • Installation
        • Repair
        • Rock Check Dams
        • Silt Fences
  • Location Access Control and Security
    • Security Fencing
    • Battery Fencing
    • Cattle Guard Installation
    • Horse and Cattle Fencing
    • Pipe Fencing
    • Bird Netting

Let EV demonstrate how Roustabout is done.
Give us a call for your next job!

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