Vacuum Trucks, Midland TX

EV Vacuum Trucks allow for peace of mind when a spill is near. Our 130 BBL Vacuum Trucks and trailers are equipped with over-sized 4-inch vacuum pump hoses and 4-inch ball valves for much faster filling and emptying.

Many of our competitors use a standard 3-inch vac pump apparatus which slows the removal of the liquid. EV’s specializedVac Trucks load and unload in half the time of our competition!

EV’s Specialized Vac Trucks Provide Our Customers With:

  • On-time, safe and efficient delivery of fresh, (pond or city) and 10# brine water to drilling rigs and frac locations
  • On-time, safe efficient removal and disposal of:
    • Drill Cuttings
    • Frac Flow-back
    • Drilling Rig Production water
    • Other Requested Material Removal
  • On-time, safe efficient delivery of freshwater used in conjunction with EV’s Power Washers or Jet Pump Trailers for cleaning:
    • Steel Pits
    • Frac Tanks
    • Drilling rig Half-round Tanks

We are proud to be a leading oilfield service provider in the Permian Basin.We send certified CDL Drivers who are licensed, bonded, insured, and operating inspected vehicles.

Our drivers complete regular continued safety trainings. Don’t trust your service needs to just any operator, trust EV to deliver safety and efficiency.

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