Why You Should Hire Vacuum Truck Services For Your Next Project?

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Most oilfield services companies take extreme care to minimize the environmental impact of their work. They are well aware and hence, they consistently seek ways that can curtail the effects caused by their operations. They implement safe and responsible digging and construction methods and endeavor to work in tandem with oil and gas pipeline construction agencies to execute better techniques. The finest equipment that is being used for excavation by most of these enterprises today is the vacuum truck that provides hydro-vac excavation.

Depending on location and requirements, most traditional forms of evacuation are neither eco-7friendly nor viable for everyone. That is the reason the demand for vacuum truck services in Midland TX is nowadays on the rise. They deliver the perfect combination of speed and efficiency keeping in mind the ecological impact, which tends to be low as everything is done using only water. This article here elucidates the convenience of using vacuum trucks for evacuation projects and how they can help you to increase the efficacy as well as safety.

What is vacuum trucking services?

Vacuum trucking services are special services provided by oilfield services companies via trucks or trailers that are equipped with vacuum tanks. They help in loading dry and wet materials hydraulically through vacuum hoses. Other accessories like core drills, water jetters, or air compressors are also used in vacuum trucking services, depending on the type of projects undertaken. Hence, it is crucial to understand what exactly your project entails so that it can be ensured that the right-sized vacuum trucks and accessories are being employed for the purpose.

vacuum truck services in Midland TX

What Is Hydro-Vacuum Excavation?

Every type of excavation requires digging and cutting into the earth directly. Irrespective of the instrument being used, implementing traditional excavators can be very challenging, especially if some pipelines or electrical conduits are lying underground that should not be disturbed. Also, they might dig up more land than what is required. Hydro and vacuum excavation is the latest and easiest solution to excavation. By this process, the land is loosened up with water jet streams and air pressure so that the soil can be easily moved.

The vacuum trucks in Midland TX are fitted with large tubes that are attached to a cyclone suction system and they are then positioned over the area to be dug up. A worker sprays high-pressure water jet streams onto the ground, which creates a loose muddy sludge, which is then sucked up by the vacuum. This newer process of excavation with the help of vacuum trucks ensures that anything that is buried underneath the ground is undisturbed. This service makes it possible for oilfield services companies to dig around the pipes without damaging anything.

What are the benefits?

There are several advantages of employing vacuum truck services in Midland TX. For these reasons, more and more oil and gas exploration and production companies are implementing this method for their next project. Here is a list of the benefits that vacuum trucking services entail:

Greater Productivity Using Less Labor

To excavate a large area traditionally, it needs a large number of employees and hard manual labor. Whether it is done with shovels or drills or large equipment like backhoes and excavators, it is a very demanding job that requires the fittest of laborers to complete such tasks. By using the vacuum trucks in Midland TX, the process becomes twice as efficient.

Increased Time Efficiency

Employing vacuum trucking services is a much quicker procedure that lets hydro jets and vacuum machines do most of the work. This way, the excavation process can be done in half the time required by the traditional methods. This not only helps to reduce the unnecessary costs of the workers’ salaries but also improves the time frame for the project completion.

Better & Safer Process

Hydro vacuum excavation is a safer choice compared to traditional methods. This involves simple machinery and much less manpower, which ensures that the potential risk of damage and injury is minimized. Large equipment like heavy excavators, digging chambers, etc is not required for this process. Only a fully equipped vacuum truck can do the trick.

Reduced Potential Damage

With this advent of vacuum truck services in Midland TX, evacuation can be done around infrastructure and underground utilities much easily without causing any harm. The soil and debris can also be removed from the site effortlessly. The high-pressure water is enough to penetrate the dirt and soil without damaging underground supplies or surrounding buildings.

Where to find them?

Vacuum trucks are available for both sale and rental purposes. Depending on the project and its business needs, it’s better to hire oilfield service companies providing vacuum trucking services than to purchase these trucks as different projects require different equipment. You can hire vacuum trucks and such other equipment at an affordable price from EV Oilfield Services.

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