Frac Tank Cleaning Can Be Risky – Leave It to the Professionals

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Frac tanks are ideal for short-term and long-term storage of different kinds of liquid, including water and chemicals, with a capacity to hold up till 21,000 gallons. For this reason, they have massive use in different industries, including paper mills, oilfields, paper mills, and chemical plants on a day-to-day basis. That being said, there should be regular cleaning of Frac tanks, to prevent any spills and leaks. Depending on the substance stored in a Frac tank, any spill and leak can be hazardous for people and also to the environment.

Therefore, there is a need for proper maintenance of such valuable units. However, the cleaning and maintenance of Frac tanks can be dangerous to a great extent. For instance, while working in a restricted space, the workforce is exposed to different kinds of risks that can cause injury, and in some worse situations even death. Confined spaces are places that have no natural ventilation, are hard to enter, and present a hindrance to escape fast in any emergency.

Health and Safety of The Operators

For being able to work inside restricted spaces such as Frac tanks, one would need to have good physical and mental health. Any person who is suffering from any issues related to breathing or heart or any other physical disabilities ought not to enter into these tanks. This means that anyone having must not choose to get involved in any jobs associated with the cleaning of a Frac tank. It is extremely important to first evaluate and then get rid of any possible danger in the process of Frac tank cleaning to prevent any harm to the health and safety of workers.

Process of Inspection and Cleaning

Frac tanks with harmful chemicals stored in them need additional precautions for the process of inspection and cleaning. Failing to follow these measures can expose technicians to dangerous chemicals through inhalation, skin contact, or even any accidental intake. Some of the common hazardous chemicals that Frac tank cleaners are exposed to are Lead, Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Benzene, and Hydrogen Sulphide. Furthermore, Frac tank technicians might also have to face toxic dust if some particular solids are stockpiled in the tank.

Such types of compounds have a harmful effect immediately at the beginning, while others have persistent and long-lasting effects. Any operator getting into the tank must be completely safeguarded with Personal Protective Equipment, which is also known as PPE. Along with the hazards because of the chemical, Frac tank cleaners also have to face several other physical dangers irrespective of whatever liquid is kept inside the tank. Some of these hazards are tripping issues, obstruction situations, and climate-related risks.

Risk Assessment and Precautions

The hazards associated with Frac tank cleaning makes conducting risk assessment essential for the operators before they enter the Frac tank. This ensures the minimization of any kind of risk that could cause any injury or any similar situation. Also, several unsafe conditions for the cleaning of the Frac tank might be created depending on how climate conditions are. For instance, excess temperatures inside the tanks are not easy to get into control. That being said, it is necessary for technicians who are involved in the cleaning of the Frac tank to intake large amounts of water, especially if they are hotter days.


The final thoughts are that cleaning and inspection of the Frac tank should be executed only through professionals, who have come after acquiring the proper training regarding the task, have developed enough experience to perform safely, and complete knowledge for completing their job with lessening or eliminating any kind of risks connected with the task. Our servicemen are well aware of the requirement of the job and are focused on delivering you the exemplary services. If you have any queries related to the Frac Spread Wash in Midland, we are glad to resolve it for you. We aim to renew your Frac tank to the ideal condition and with the safest ways possible. Our company is an all-inclusive Oilfield Services Company in the Permian Basin, which is dedicated to providing you with the best services for your oilfield related projects.

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