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Speaking about the most essential pieces of drilling equipment, the shale shaker is tentatively the most important. Shale shaker separates drilling liquid such as mud from solids (also known as cuttings). Shale shaker screens are the most important components of a shale shaker as they help in separating liquids from solids by utilizing drilling fluid efficiently.

It is a mesh screen made out of woven metal which is inserted in the shale shaker. When solids or cuttings are generated from drilling equipment, they are covered in drilling liquid. These cuttings are jolted over shale shaker screens and all the solid particles are captured. Replacement shaker screens are suitable for fitting to different types of shale shakers.

Parts of Shaker Screens

Shaker screen comprises of the following parts –

Screen Frame – The main screen is supported on a frame just like a canvas. It is made up of different materials such as flat steel sheets, square steel tubing, plastic style composites, etc. The outer perimeter of the frame is divided into small separate inner panels. These smaller panels can be of square, hexagonal, rectangular, and triangular shapes. They provide maximum rigidity and support for the mesh attached to them. The idea is to minimize the area for panels to increase the screen surface available for work.

Screen Mesh – A metal wire is woven to create a very thin, yet strong metal cloth called screen mesh. To increase the conductance of the screen mesh, the metal cloth is woven with rectangular openings which facilitate in minimizing the amount of material in the way. The screen is built with multiple screen mesh to maximize screen life. These multiple layers trap even the finest number of particles and keep the screen surface available for use for a long time.

Binding Agent – Binding agent is the substance used to bind the mesh to the screen frame. It provides maximum adhesion to both mesh and the screen frame. This binding agent is highly characteristic and can handle strong vibrations, corrosive drilling fluids, abrasive cuttings, and high heat.

Types of Shaker Screens

Various types of shaker screens used in shale shakers –

Flat Screen –Flat screen is commonly used in the Derrick shaker screen. It is cost-effective and traditional. Its screen panel is made up of two or three layers of stainless-steel screen bonded to a steel support plate.

Pyramid Screen – Pyramid screen is also used in the Derrick shaker screen. It costs higher and is made up of new screening technology that can increase the handling capacity of fluids and screening performance. It also has more screen area as compared to a flat-screen.

Metal Framed Screen – These are metal framed and are widely used across the industry. These screens enable the operators to switch motion on the fly as drilling conditions change. These screens are highly efficient in separating solids from drilling equipment.

Composite Screens – Composite screen is made with composite material with steel reinforcement. They have much higher quality, performance, storage life, delamination resistance, and improved handling.

Hook Strip Screens – Hook strip screens are constructed with two or three stainless steel layers bonded to a steel support plank. Accessory rubber plugs are inserted to the rips of the screen to cut down production costs.

Advantages of Shaker Screens

The benefits of using shale shaker replacement screens are –

Increased Shaker Capability – Some shaker screens help in increasing the total amount of usable API non-blanked screen area. This helps in significantly increasing the usable screen area which results in an improved fluid handling capacity as well.

Fine Separations – Shaker screens provide enhanced permeability, gravity, and vibration which allow more fluid to pass through the top of the screen. Shaker screens have the capability of making separations as fine as 40 microns.

Replaceable – Shaker screens are replaceable and can fit almost all types of shakers for the efficient use of existing equipment. There is no need to modify or replace the existing shaker which ultimately saves a whole lot of money.

Drier Cuttings – Shaker screens minimize fluid loss by spreading thinner layers of fluid over an increased screen area which results in faster drying. This enables shakers to screen 1 to 2 API sized particles which ultimately increases efficiency and time.

Final Review

If you are seeking replacement shaker screens for your drilling equipment, then consider EV Oilfield Services’ quality made shaker screens. Our screens are made by international and the U.S. Patented technology for superior quality, durability, and long life. These screens come in a wide range of mesh designs and customizable screen options that fit any application to provide remarkable separation for solid and liquid materials. We can provide perfect shale shaker replacement screens at an extremely affordable price.

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